Philippe Borremans Keynote Speaker 

Keynote Speaker & Conference Moderator

As a PR professional, I know how important it is to be a clear communicator. I’ve made my life’s profession in this industry, and am a professional keynote speaker & conference moderator with years of experience at company events and summits.

World Communications Forum
Davos, Switzerland - PR Hacking & Conference Moderator

Marketing Kingdom
Marrakech, Morocco
Future PRoof Communications

The Social Media Forum for Internal Communicators
London, United Kingdom
Enterprise Social Communications

European Association of Communications Directors Summit
Brussels, Belgium
Online Crisis Communications

European Council
Brussels, Belgium - Public Communication in the evolving media landscape: Adapt or Resist?

Enterprise 2.0 Summit
Paris, France
The Social/Digital Enterprise

EACD Regional Debate
Belgrade, Serbia
Modern Public Relations

World Public Relations Forum
Oslo, Norway
The Future of Public Relations

The African Public Relations Summit
Casablanca, Morocco - Conference Moderator

Prague Security Studies Institute Summit
Prague, Czech Republic - Using Social Media in the Intelligence Community

Belgian Royal Military Academy
Brussels, Belgium - Social Media & Military Operations

International PR Association Summit
Sofia, Bulgaria
Public Relations, AI & Automation

I’ve already hired Philippe on two different occasions (at KBC Group and at the Financial Services and Markets Authority) and both times he succeeded with flying colors in illuminating his audience in the world of social media and public relations.
— Tony Langone - Business Manager
After having attended a European conference moderated by Philippe, my colleagues of CESI Europe Academy and myself decided to invite him to moderate our European Symposium. And we made a great choice! Philippe assured a fresh, passionate and dynamic moderation.
— Elisa Ciani - Event & Conference Specialist