Crisis and Emergency Communications with Christine Townsend

This week’s episode is all about my favourite topic; Crisis and Emergency Communications. What better guest to have on the show than Christine Townsend, founder of Musterpoint, who worked in law enforcement and public sector communications for fifteen years!

During our half-hour chat, we talk about;

  • Differences and similarities between the private sector and public sector’s crisis communications and emergency management operations.
  • The major paint points of crisis preparedness (yes, you guessed; planning & simulations).
  • Triage, due diligence and the need for documenting your crisis communications actions.
  • Several experiences and case studies from both our experiences.
  • Emergency simulation and training.
  • and much more…

About my guest:

MusterPoint founder Christine Townsend has worked in law enforcement and public sector communications for fifteen years.

Christine managed difficult and challenging incidents such as the London riots, St’ Paul’s Cathedral eviction, G20 riots, county-wide flooding and emergency evacuations, airport disaster recovery and counter-terrorism incidents.

Having experience in managing high profile emergency situations, Christine saw the need for a solution to ensure effective triage and management of social media for the public sector and emergency services and created Musterpoint.

If you have feedback, questions, remarks or anything else, please let me know via the audio mailbox of Wag The Dog FM.

Links for this podcast:

  • MusterPoint supports emergency planning teams, communications, LRF, VOST, SMEM professionals and crisis communication specialists.
  • Christine Townsend’s Linkedin Profile

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