How to Future Proof Your Brand with Marc Cloosterman

According to Brand Finance, brands account for 18% of the top 500 global brands’ market-value (2017). Traditionally, brands have been created by agencies, and brand management has been undervalued. Fortunately, that mindset is now shifting…

In this episode, I talk with Marc Cloosterman, CEO of the VIM Group on how to Future Proof Your Brand, his first book.

So how can you make sure your brand is future proof?

Marc Cloosterman and his colleague Laurens Hoekstra from the VIM Group wrote a brand new book on exactly that topic. During the podcast, Marc covers several steps on how organisations can and should manage their top asset – their brand.

We cover new technologies such as 5G, AI/ML: artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT: Internet of Things, VR/AR/MR: virtual, augmented, and mixed reality and their impact on brand management.

Marc also walks us through Brand Performance strategies, how to change brands and retain or increase ROI and much more.

About my guest:

As an experienced and passionate brand consultant to the boardroom, Marc founded VIM Group to develop the discipline of brand implementation and to become a fully-fledged business in the marketing and communications sector. Whilst being trained at KPMG and INSEAD, he ‘lost his way’ two decades ago and started working in marketing, branding, and communication.

During his decades of experience, he has personally advised and worked with an extensive list of leading brands, including Airbus Group, Merck, BMW, TUI Travel, Deloitte, Nordea, Deutsche Telekom, Medtronic, Skoda, Julius Baer Bank, Air Liquide, and ING Group.

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