Priorities and Challenges for the PR Industry – an interview with the new ICCO President – Maxim Behar

This week I am talking to Maxim Behar, the brand new President of ICCO – The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO).

Maxim  and I met for the first time a couple of years ago in Davos at the World Communications Forum – one of the most international PR conferences I have ever had the pleasure to attend. (PS: you can already register for the next edition here.)

The ICCO is the voice of public relations consultancies around the world. It comprises national trade associations in 32 countries across the globe: from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australasia. Collectively, these associations represent over 2,500 PR firms.

Maxim  and I talk about the changing landscape in the PR industry but also how agency clients are changing and requesting new types of support and advise.

We further discuss the priorities and challenges of the PR industry, how ICCO is tackling these and how communications is different (or similar) in Bulgaria to the rest Europe.

About my guest:

Maxim is a Bulgarian origin, but real citizen of the world. He is dreamer and a hard worker for a better, more dynamic and more ethical world.

Maxim is also a practitioner – he likes chatting, networking, serious business projects, social media, rock music, gadgets and travelling, meeting new people and facing new challenges, reading and writing.

Also he is a committed fan of golf, cycling and parachute jumping. One of his favourite rules in life says: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”.

In 1994, Maxim founded M3 Communication Group, Inc., the leader in the field of public and media relations in Bulgaria. Since then he has been the company’s Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He is also a Honorary Consul of Republic of Seychelles to Bulgaria and lecturer on modern PR in many universities all over the world.

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