#Dieselgate – The Volkswagen Crisis PR Case Study

Episode number 32 of Wag The Dog is dedicated to the “Mother Of All Crisis” – Dieselgate.

Estimates from Credit Suisse peg the costs of #Dieselgate at a worst-case scenarios of $87 billion. This would make the VW scandal almost 60 percent more costly than the BP Deepwater Horizonspill. – from Oilprice.com

I know a lot has been said, written and proclaimed about the Volkswagen crisis but I am sure that the insights of my guests will still add to the case study this crisis has become.

In this +30 minute interview I speak with two specialists.

First we’ll look at the global scale of this crisis and what that means for a brand such as Volkswagen with Juan-Carlos Molleda, Ph.D. – Professor and Chair, Department of Public Relations, College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida.

Then we look into the first weeks of the crisis through a Twitter lens and the very interesting analysis made by Georgina Parsons. Georgina is Head of Communications for English-speaking markets at Visibrain.

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