Lean and Agile Public Relations – An Agency Example

FINN PR – a Belgian, Brussels based public relations agency – is probably one of the few agencies which is working according to the Agile and Lean principles.

FINN kanban for PR agencies, v1 (September 2015)

FINN kanban for PR agencies, v1 (September 2015)

A lot has been written and said about these new “ways to work” in the start up world but you can find some principles like reducing errors or failures also in the more corporate approaches like the Toyota Way.

In this episode I ask Raf Weverbergh, the founder and one of the Managing Partners of FINN PR, why he started to look at Lean for his public relations agency, what the steps were to implement this new way of working and what the benefits are for a communications team.

Get ready to learn about Kanban, Lean, Scrum and Agile for Communications…

About my guest:

Until July 2012, Raf was a senior reporter at HUMO, Belgium’s largest current affairs magazine (1 million readers each week in a market of 6 million).

At HUMO, he wrote about every subject under the sun. He had beers with Johnny Rotten at his house in LA, went undercover at the in house customer support center of the second biggest telco in Belgium, interviewed one of Osama Bin Laden’s sons, reported about the Arab Spring from Cairo and did a stint of embedded journalism at the murder squad of the Brussels federal police, among others. And Raf also interviewed a contract killer once.

Today Raf is a managing partner and co-founder at FINN, a Brussels based communication agency where he help brands like Michelin, Barry Callebaut and Nauta Dutilh with their corporate communications, media relations, social media and storytelling.

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