How to Create a Communication Plan from A to Z


Objective - audience - Duration

The objective of this seminar is to enable participants to create a detailed communication plan from A to Z. The workshop covers the five phases of developing a strategic plan from defining the overall goal and objectives, to developing key messages and tactical planning, to measurement and evaluation techniques.

This course can be adapted to all industries and has been successfully delivered to for-profit and non-profit organisations (including public organisations). Participants generally have a communication or public relations responsibility. The average experience of the participants in communication is 3/5 years.

This workshop requires two days of training. This includes case study reviews and participants working (in teams) on their own communications project or plan. At the end of the training, they will have a feasible and realistic plan that they can implement.

workshop agenda / topics

Step 1 - Communication Plan Setting

  • Define the general objective of a communication plan or campaign.

  • Create clear and measurable objectives (SMART).

  • Identify decision-makers.

Step 2 - Communications Background

  • Internal and external analysis of the organisation and the environment.

  • Stakeholder identification and mapping

  • Framing and positioning decisions

Step 3 - Strategic Communication Choices

  • Identifying audiences

  • Segmentation and identification of public concerns

  • Creation of key messages

  • Identify online and offline media

Step 4 - Communication Activities

  • Public Relations and Communication Tactics

  • Planning and budgeting

  • Operational Effectiveness

  • Team organisation and tasks (LEAN/AGILE for communication)

Step 5 - Measurement and Evaluation

  • Application of the AMEC Evaluation Framework

  • Digital communications measurement and evaluation

  • Reporting and automation

Philippe is an expert who has the ability to share his understanding with even a novice. His courses are dynamic and spot on.
— Aurélie Giles, Communications Director at Archer Daniels Midland

Interested in this workshop?

Contact me to discuss your specific needs. This workshop can be delivered “as is” or completely tailored to your requirements. Are you organising a conference and need a half day workshop for your delegates? Let me know - the agenda can be adapted to this specific setting.